It is now the latter half of January, that point when Christmas is long in the past and you are desperate for payday. roll on this Friday so I can have money again.

November and NaNo came and went, I didn’t put in enough time before so not enough planning was done. Early on in November, I realised I was not enjoying what I was writing and was just “ticking the boxes” so I decided to not do it last year. Instead, I would put in more planning effort in 2024.

December was a very busy month and me and Trace said we didn’t know where the time went. There were a lot of Xmas films watched and a lot of family days out with grandkids doing Christmas things. It was a nice month and we enjoyed it. I didn’t do any writing I don’t think and getting to the end of the year I was getting annoyed with myself.

I set myself a goal of 30 books for 2023 and by the end of the year I had managed to read 46 so last year was a good reading year. But, I would like to read more in 2024.

My Diabetes checkup wasn’t good just before Christmas so I spent the end of December planning my year and reducing my sugar intake. It is time to start making some changes and about 3 weeks in, I have managed to keep to it.

I have also been planning my writing/reading life but that hasn’t started quite as well. I have been reading and I have done more on the blogs but actual writing hasn’t been done much yet. This is the thing I need to put more time into this year.

I have added the Writing Magazine short stories into my diary to try and enter more of these this year as working on the short stories will help hone my craft. I have a writer’s retreat with the British Fantasy Society at the beginning of March and I am planning the outline for Rise of the Fallen so that I can start this on that retreat. I am interested to see what I can achieve when I am away and there purely to write.

There is more to come but I will save some of that for another post, for now I will try and make writing, the gym and reading my priority for 2024.

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