Scams Awareness Month

That’s right people its Scam awareness month, time to start looking at those messages for what they really are…. a load of rubbish.

Literally 5 minutes ago I was looking at my Facebook account and another person I know has “shared” a photo of a load of Macbooks that “cannot” be sold as they have been opened… damn! So people share these pictures in the naive hope they are going to be selected, I mean seriously how can anyone think that they are likely to be awarded a Macbook for sharing a picture on Facebook, crazy!

Its also remeniscent of the pictures that do the rounds on Facebook for the “share this photo” to be in with the chance of being a Google or MS beta tester, I am come on don’t these people get that a multi billion pound comany has a whold division just for product testing, sometime I wonder how the human race carries on when people are daft enough to fall for this crap…… now I need to go cause I have just got an email telling me I have inheritted millions of dollars from a long lost relative…

for more info on Scam Awareness Month please take a look at this article on

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