To Boldly Go……

This is it, tomorrow night I am off to see Star Trek – Into Darkness, from the trailers it looks amazing, but then I am biased as I love Star TRek.

Going to see it with my best friend, who also likes Star Trek but doesn’t really like the direction the last film took, his reason for this is that the timeline has changed and nothing that has come before will necessarily happen now as Nero changed things when he wreaked havoc.

Personally I love the direction the film took, it was the breath of fresh air the franchise needed and from this point they can do anything they want and no one can complain about the timeline or if they got something or some date slightly wrong, a master stroke in my opinion as they can now go on and do almost anything they want.

I am really looking forward to this movie and the next after that, I believe there were three films planned like most reboots for some reason.

Hopefully this might inspire a new series (that doesn’t suck balls like Enterprise) as we are missing out, whether this could happen is an extreme long shot but I live in hope.


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