This tip is for anyone that works on documents on different computers.

I have been at Uni (part time) for 4 years in total and only the last two modules I started to use Dropbox.

You sign up for an account and get free 2gb of space, if you are only using it for college/uni work then this should be sufficient, or even photo sharing. The ease of access to the files is brilliant.

To attend Uni I no long carry external hard drives/Data Sticks, I have dropbox on my laptop and if needed I can install the program on the Uni computers so that I can access my files anywhere, this has saved me quite a bit of time and effort in the last term and this one.

A day ago my main Laptop died suddenly, this could have been a disaster as I do all of my work for Uni on it, luckily for me all of my files are safe on Dropbox and can still be accessed from anywhere.

So what are you waiting for, if this sounds like something you could use or if you are always carrying around a data stick give it a try.


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