Cafe Writer

I have finally joined the long tradition of writing on a laptop in a cafe, well a Costa. Something about sitting here writing just makes it feel good, wish I could get the motivation more often, I might actually have something finished that way.

Maybe this is what I should be doing instead of trying to do something at home, where there are any number of distractions. But then if I want to become a published writer maybe I should be determined enough to make plans and stick to them. I am good at setting goals, then I am even better at not meeting them, sometimes I wonder where my time goes…….. playing games, watching tv series I have already seen etc. etc.

I have to draw up some plans and find some way of not getting distracted when I am in the office, I really need to take advantage of the fact that I have an office for working and a family that for the most part gives me the time to do my own things.

Stop wasting time….. I’m going get that printed and put in my eyeline in front of the pc.

Anyway, time to crack on!

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