Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

A few weeks ago for the first time I attended a midnight launch of a book, although I live in a small town the shop was quite full as it approached midnight, it was strange being in there at that time. The staff were doing their thing to keep people interested and it was quite fun. the buildup took some time and once it was midnight most people were out of the shop in a few mins.

I got home and read for a while before having to go to sleep. I think it would be good to go to a midnight launch in a city, although the one in small Norethallerton was good.

The book itself was read by just after lunchtime the next day, I devour books when I am really interested in them, and to be honest this one being a screenplay was not very long.

From a business sense its gold, turning something that is a screenplay into a book that will then sell like mad, I still think she should have novelized it, would have been so much better.

Not long now until Fantastic Beasts comes out in the cinema, will be good to go back to the HP world even if it is a prequel. I hope she does decide at some point to do more in the world.

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