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The drawn-out dream

I was reading a writing article which talked about not ending your book with a cliché. The article then went on to list some of them. One of them struck a cord with me, this was the drawn out dream, … Continue reading

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Post Apocolyptic

I used to like watching the odd post apocalyptic series or movie, but now it seems they are everywhere.  The walking dead the most visible i assume but others are all over. Last night I heard of a series called … Continue reading

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This weekend is Tough Guy Nettle Warrior, the twice yearly race that separates the men (Tough Guy) from the boys (Tough Mudder) I look forward to marshalling this race, and spending time with the people down there. Not just because of … Continue reading

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The “Family” Drill and DIY

Would you trust this man? Kidding, this is my older brother, he came to mine to build a fence for me, I was doing the very important job of labourer, I leave the planning and DIY up to him. I … Continue reading

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