Post Apocolyptic

I used to like watching the odd post apocalyptic series or movie, but now it seems they are everywhere.  The walking dead the most visible i assume but others are all over.

Last night I heard of a series called the last ship that follows survivors of the end of the human race that are on board a ship, I have it now and will be giving it a try.

I was looking for a film to watch tonight and had one called Transcendence. I thought it was a good looking sci tech type of film, it started by foreshadowing. Showing the end of the world as we know it, another film where AI turns against man.

If we ever reach the point where we can create an actual AI people will end up fearing it because of all of the numerous films and tv series where computers haven turned against us humans……. or maybe were all living in the Matrix and it has already happened, who knows?

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