Libraries and bookshops….

I love Fantasy and Science Fiction, at home the collection of books that I have would surpass most libraries and shops but I find myself becoming more and more disenfranchised with libraries and shops because the sections for these types of books are getting smaller and smaller. I know they have to stock according to what will be wanted but interest cannot be that low.

I am reading an article in Writing Magazine now that says these sections are disappearing and just being merged in with fiction. Crime is a section that continues to grow. This is frustrating as I have seen this in a couple of smaller bookshops where I cannot find a F&SF section and instead have to look through the fiction section for the odd book.

I suppose this is why I am wanting to open a bookshop that deals purely with those two sections, but of course that is a pipe dream and can only be realised when I am a millionaire. It will happen…it will!

All of this was part of an article where they are saying pick a market to write to, look at what is popular. I want to write what people want to read but I also have no interest in writing crime. Science Fiction and Fantasy are what I love and although I will try some of the others for experience (and may like them) I want to write in my chosen Genre. I will just have to make sure when I come to release something it is the best I can do and gives readers like me an amazing story to live through.

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