Camp NaNoWriMo

I never seem to remember when these start even though it would be good to participate as you can set your own goals so it wouldn’t have to be a mad dash to get 50k down in a month. But again I didn’t realise until a friend posted in a writers Facebook group. So now I need to do some quick thinking about what I could do and what kind of targets to give myself.

Anything that gets me productive is a good thing and I am constantly thinking about what I want to write (although I still cannot choose between the fantasy or Sci-Fi) I have cleared the whiteboard and I will soon be doing some plotting. I am then going to look at my diary for the next week to see where I can do some serious writing.

Tomorrow will be the start as I am doing a half day. Once I can leave work as the family are at work/school this should give me some alone time to get cracking with something…..

So…. Dragon Lords, or Shattered worlds?????


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