7 Days

It’s been a week since my last post and although I had a busy week at work, the weekend has been a bit of a disappointment. I have several thing sI need to be doing and although I haven’t had anything to do I still haven’t achieved anything from my list. It’s quickly getting to the point where I think I need to take the internet out of my office, but then I would just need to have my media/game elsewhere. I really need to get a handle on myself and start holding myself to task. The games I play should be a reward for reaching a writing goal rather than a way to procrastinate. I did manage to control this tonight and when I got back to the office instead of putting on a game or the TV, I put on some classical music and started to read and make noted from one of my writing “how to” books How to craft a great story. It’s a start.

It’s Sunday evening and I am about to go to bed and I think next week I need to seriously take control of my life. I think I need to plan my week on a Sunday evening, using my diary to see what I have planned and where my writing will fit in. Ensuring I am doing something everyday. As I have just had this idea I will see about planning next week on lunch tomorrow or after work.

The other thing I have to do is start some exercise, I am close if not am, diabetic. Exercise is a must at this point but I am not having much luck getting started. the slim fast is working well during the week but I seem to fall off the wagon each weekend, something else I need a kick for.

Anyway, time for bed, sweet dreams.

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