Leap year

Well, the new plan is going ok. starting to achieve some things now slowly. Not quite formed habits yet but who knows, I may be on the way 🙂

Sneezed today and caused an intercostal muscle strain… so now the ribs hurt and when I sneeze/cough it hurts allot!

Just been doing some worldbuilding again for te Aviel story. fleshing out the Jewelcasting ability. How it works and what it is used for.

Anyway, the leap year is nearly over and it’s been a long day. Time for bed. I am going to try and have a productive day. I have one more exercise session and a Brandon Sanderson lecture to watch and a proper post on here. then I will have met my weekly targets.

Just realised I wrote this with the title Leap year and then didn’t comment on the fact it was a leap year 🙂 So yes, it was a leap year day. 🙂

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