I can’t quite believe how fast the year is going. Something I have managed to do regularly is read which is something that I love and had started to really get back into it. If I keep going as I am then I will meet my Goodreads goal of 20 books. Onto book 3 of the Mistborn series now. Really enjoying it.

Writing isn’t going as well, I have been doing some work on the book and after spending some idea time with a friend I have decided to change the Aviel story a bit, so I am currently re-planning this. I am on the fantasy track now so I am hoping I can keep this up and start to do some writing to go along with it. When I look at the habit tracker in the journal it isn’t looking too good but I have been doing things. I just need to work out the best structure to achieve all of my goals.

I have decided now that re-learning and doing the tech stuff is something that I need to do, not only for my own enjoyment as that is one of the best times from my past, playing with computers and coding, I would really like to get back to being able to do this properly. Also, my home network is need of some TLC, from sorting backups to building a plex server and several other things I would like to do. I am planning on blogging some of it as it will then kill two birds as I will be re-learning and writing at the same time. I would love to be at a comfortable place so that I can change jobs and go back into a tech-related role. That was the last job that I really enjoyed. I will see how I get on.

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