Christmas has gone and the new year beckons.

That time of year has finished again. Our favorite holiday in this house. Our kids have grown up and had kids of their own but this doesn’t stop us from celebrating Christmas like we always have. For the last few months (or so) we have been watching Christmas movies. Decorations were up in November before my birthday. I don’t mind them being up early as it means we get to enjoy them longer.

Now it’s the 1st Jan 2022 and I am sitting planning my year. What I want to achieve in writing, health/fitness, and reading. I don’t want to do one of that new year I am going to conquer the world posts but I want to do something to chronicle this year to try and ensure I do something!
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I have even got myself a smaller diary this year with the intention of logging what I am doing each day to further my writing aspirations. I know I am terrible for keeping up with something like this but we shall see how I get on.

Well it’s nearing the end of a long day, had dinner with the family and played with the grandkids. Allot of fun but I am tired now. Time to sit back with the wife and watch something.

See you in the funny papers!

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