Camp Procrastination time

It’s July already and that means it’s time for Camp NaNo. Something I have rarely ever tried which is weird given the self-imposed deadlines. But it is something I would like to get into, so it helps with getting some words down.

I have decided to try and get something done this time by pantsing a story I was planning, I am yet to start mind, it’s been quite busy up until now, then a night like tonight I am off to see 2 films so tonight I am not going to get much done. But it’s a goal and I have the writers meet this Sunday so I should get some good words done then.

I often marvel at how little time I seem to have when I have no small kids now. Each evening seems to be taken up by something family-related and this all get’s in the way of writing. A friend of mine would say this is all excuses, that if I wanted to reach my dream then I would prioritise it and I would achieve it.

As much as I loathe to admit it he is correct. I should be putting this goal forward, less tv watching or gaming maybe, something needs to give as the family part of my time will grow as I get more and more grandkids.

Have a goal is the mantra, what is mine?

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