NaNo prep time

It’s that time of the year again. Time for me to say I am preparing while making procrastination an art…. I mean time to get planning my Acomia Fantasy project. I need to flesh out some of the world-building as I have changed a few things and then minimally plot out the story.

In the 10-12 years I have done NaNo I have only completed it twice and that was with Sci-Fi stories. I would really like to get something completed in Fantasy which if I had to choose would be Fantasy.

So I have 5 weeks, I have tomorrow off from work. One of the main goals tomorrow will be to sit down and make a plan. A prep plan for the 5 weeks and then a solid plan so I won’t fall behind and lose hope in November. I really would like to get into a good routine and get something completed.

Time will tell I suppose, I will either be shouting my success or end up with a large gap on the blog to hide my shame.

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