It’s 23:03 on a Sunday night, 2nd October. It was a writing meet day so I got quite a bit done this morning in Darlo. I didn’t get much done once home but I have a start now.

Preptober is the name given for the month of October leading up to National Novel Writing Month. It’s time to get ready for that challenge. It’s also a month for me where I try and get ready and more often than not end up procrastinating and don’t get much done. I then start NaNo and fail miserably. I have tried many times in the past to Pants (write with no plan) and it isn’t the best way for me to work. On the other hand, I cannot seem to get on board with full planning either. I fall in the middle, I’m a plantser. I like to have a base outline of chapters, so I have an idea of where I am going then as I start writing I let the characters guide me through their journey.

The story this year will be on the world of Acomia and will follow the adventures of Melorin as he tries to stop the God of Chaos from destroying everyone. Intrigued… I hope so!

I really hope to be able to get my butt in gear this year and have a plan in place ready for November 1st.

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