Procrastination and Social Networking

I would love to use a tool to monitor the time I waste looking through social networking websites, Facebook or twitter. I can sit at my machine and seem to do nothing but refresh the page and look at crap….. then I wonder why I get nothing done.

I have tried quitting several times but to be honest it is like a double edged sword, Facebook is a site that has wasted so much of my time but on the same vein helps me keep in contact with some people that I might not have if I didn’t use the site. I know some people will say if you can’t keep in contact unless you have Facebook then you cant be true friends, but that is a load of rubbish. We live in an age where communication is quick and easy and although I don’t ring people much it doesn’t mean I don’t want to keep those lines of communication open.

I see it as a tool to share my life and keep in contact with quite a few people, I just wish I could stop wasting so much time on there.

NaNo 14 is fast approaching and I am deep in planning mode for my first book, now is the time to kick-start my writing career, I have been given a boost by editing a friends book and seeing it in print, this is something I would love to have done for myself, I can see it now….

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