Warren Palmer and the Dyason Series

Warren Palmers Duason Series

Warren Palmers Duason Series

Growing up I loved to read, as I still do. One of my favourite series from that time is the Dyason Series written by Warren Palmer. It consists of three books :

  • Minds of the Empire
  • Dominator
  • Third Player


The books follow Moss Pendragon as he escapes the ruins of London after an alien invasion and occupation, it contains other races, war, starships, ESP and is built around the Arthurian legend, a modern sword in the stone story. I don’t want to say much more as it will give away plot points but if you haven’t read them and you like Sci Fi, get them!

StarwebThe reason this is in my thoughts now is that Warren Palmer is re-releasing his series using the crowd funding site Kickstarter
( https://tinyurl.com/h66budq ) and will be finally publishing the first in a new trilogy. When the last Dyason books ends it says the story continues in Book 1 of the Starweb, but this book was never published. I contacted Warren a few years ago to ask about it and he mentioned that he had a family and so writing was put on hold, he did say that when they were a bit older he could pick it up again. Now that is exactly what he is doing, as well as funding a print run of the current series the kickstarter is going to be used to finally get the series moving again, and then in the future help launch other new authors using the Ripping project.

Amazing books and well worth a read. Help out if you are interested

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