Bloody Trainers and Import Tax…….

It all starts with doing something nice. Christmas is coming up and the wife wanted some specific trainers that I could only find on-line from america. She had found some of then in TK Max on offer but there were no more available, so we had to go looking for more. I found them on a site called Shoebuy, I have bought many things online from other countries and not had an issue I went through the checkout process and I have to admit when the terms came up I did what most people do and just clicked accept. Had I stopped to read I would have seen the message about import tax and this would have raised a flag that probably would have stopped me buying, but I didn’t.

Weeks later I came home to find a card from a courier saying they had tried to deliver my package and I needed to pay £25.40 in import Tax….. I wasn’t happy. Stamped upstairs onto the computer and onto the Shoebuy site, opened a chat window and started ranting at some guy called Shaquille. I kid you not, I had images of the basketball player in my head! But he pointed me to the terms, so I added something to basket and followed the checkout process to see and sure enough there it was. I had to admit at that point it was my own fault for not paying attention. So I grumbled to myself and then closed the chat.

Guess what….. they arrived and they are the wrong size….. bloody US sizes and again, my fault cause I just ordered a size 6 forgetting that they use different ones.

Sick of these trainers now and a total waste of money.


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