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appleI used to be one of the crowd, chanting about the expensiveness of Apple and how they were up themselves and how it isn’t worth the price….

I then got a couple of Apple devices, I still moan at the cost but when I use them I can see why they are the price they are. I started the with the iPhone and loved it, just a seamless device that never seems to slow. Just works day in day out, fantastic build quality and a stable OS, as all of the apps are scrutinised more you get less of the crap, you still get some rubbish that you wonder how the hell it was allowed on the app store but money drives everything.

I did go through a period where I went back to Android but it didn’t last. Don’t get me wrong Android is fantastic, but Apple is better. I then moved onto getting an iPad (I am writing this on that device) It may only be an iPad 4 but it is fantastic and I really do love that pad, not only for the smoothe and seamless way it operated but the sound quality is amazing. I have found myself watching amazon Prime Video on it allot as the sound is brilliant.

I completed the set with a MacBook pro, I often get buyers remorse when I buy certain things but Ican say that this did not happen with this. I love the feel of the device and although its not too light as it is an older model the build quality is amazing, I absolutely love Apple keyboards and it is just a delight to write on. I love it. It ticks the same box with the OS as well, smooth, stable and it doesn’t. seem to get worse with time. Still as speedy as the first say I used it.

The other thing I have are the keyboards, absolutely amazing. The wired one is brilliant and I use it when working from home connected to my work laptop. Its a joy to type on this keyboard, so smoothe, easy to type on and a nice sound when the keys are depressed. I had a wireless keyboard as well but I left some batteries in it and they leaked. Something went wrong and then the keyboard I paid a fortune for that was barely used was useless.

Because I love these keyboards so much though I bought another, this time though I had to pay £100, seems mad to pay this for a keyboard but the new version is even better than the one I had before. Seriously I am typing these posts with it and it is making me want to keep writing, it is just so comfortable typing with this magic keyboard.

So…. I am not a fanboy as I use all devices and I use all OS’s but Apple is great!

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