Internet problems……

I know this will sound like an excuse but I have tried to get onto the blog about 3 times since the last post to get something up and my internet seems to have started that thing where I can’t access my own sites from the home network. I have logged this with my service provider and am waiting for them to come back with something….. In the meantime I am in Waterstones cafe at the moment and although I should be doing some actual writing I am starting with this.

Today’s agenda is planning, I have got myself a paper diary and the plan is to start setting myself writing and exercise goals and then stick to them. Using this diary to track daily wordcount and goals.

Something that was suggested a long time ago was to put in a big goal and then work backwards with milestones that need to be achieved, this way a large goal is split into smaller tasks that seem easier to achieve but all contribute to the overall goal.

I am going to do this both for NaNo and also for my writing in general. I also have the competition handout for the writing magazine and I am going to put the competitions in there and plan in time to get them done.

As normal I am good at making plans it just whether I stick to them.

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