Mid month and planning, it’s that time of year again….

Internet issue is “fixed” so I can now access the blog from my own network, this means I can post just in time to start talking about NaNo. If you were to look back over my posts at this time there will be a lot of sweeping statements about getting it planned out and ready and smashing it. If you have read any of them you will also know I am a master procrastinator and have only finished NaNo once in 9 years, since I managed to get it completed I have been consistently disappointed in not being able to get it done on the subsequent years. But…. this time it will be different… blah blah….

NaNoWriMoOn a serious note, I hope I can kick myself up the butt and manage to get something done this time. It would be really nice at the end of November to hold up another short novel in the shattered worlds universe. We shall see. For the last few months, I had been doing lots of notes in a new notepad on a fantasy world I have created and was really getting into it, but when I started thinking about NaNo again I invariably returned to my favorite genre, Sci-Fi. I have read through 13th Earth – Before the Dawn and familiarised myself with a few points and for the last week or so I have been planning another story in this universe. the provisional title is From the Darkness – A novel in the Shattered Worlds universe. This will be set in what I would consider the present day and at this time Humans are a major player in our sector of the galaxy and have formed the Interstellar Alliance (IA) which consists of many races. They are in a fragile peace with the Gikari who’s territory neighbors Alliance space. Without giving away plot points the story follows a man who is living a life he doesn’t like and is trying to find a way out when he is dragged into something bigger. War threatens from the Gikari and from the Humans old enemy the Auroch who are now active again.

Well, that’s a rough idea of what I am going to start outlining over the next couple of weeks so hopefully, I can commit and get it done this time.

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