NaNoWriMo 2022

I have been doing NaNo for 12 years and in that time I have managed to finish twice. this year I decided I needed some motivation after watching a video on how to incentivize yourself. I bought a £50 voucher for Amazon and then gave it to my wife. I told her if I finished I would get it back for books, if I didn’t she could keep it. This incentive along with help from a couple of my writer friends allowed me to succeed this year like I didn’t even when I finished before.

It was a good month and I actually enjoyed the writing, I didn’t feel like it was a grind and I finished on time. It was a really good feeling.

Since the win, I have had a break from writing, but I do think I should now capitalize on this momentum and see if I can finish the story I was writing. Once completed I can then use this as a good draft outline to flesh out the story.

So.. for a change instead of talking about how I didn’t finish because of this or that, I can say I am a Nano winner and proud of it.

Next, I can see about 2023 planning and if I can manage to stick to the goals I set for next year as I did for NaNo.

Wish me luck!

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