It’s the end….. of 2022

I am an easily led person when it comes to writing. If I am watching/reading fantasy I really want to write fantasy. If I am watching/reading science fiction then I want to write that too. I always think it is a good idea to have a project of each on the go for this reason, but it would be nice to finish a project.

NaNo 22

For the Nano project, I did fantasy and for once I was only halfway through the project when I reached the goal. So I need to continue with this once I get the meets for the writing group set back up. We are going to go for Monthly in-person meets, apart from during camp nano when we will meet more often. We are also going to have weekly online meet so get us to write more.


I have made some moves to do more for writing this year. Planning more meets and I have booked and paid for a ticket to Fantasycon and accommodation. Looking forward to mixing with like-minded people and being in that environment. I have also signed up for the British Science Fiction Association so I can see where this leads.

All in all, I am planning to take writing more seriously this year and get myself on track. as I get older I just realise that if I do not put in the work for something like this then I won’t end up doing anything.

As part of my plan to write more, I am planning on launching a new blog, a book review one. I can pair this with my wish to read more this year. combining two of my favorite things.

So we can see where I go. I need to finalise some planning this weekend and then see what I can achieve.

Hope you all had a great Xmas and have a Happy New Year.

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