Sad writing magazine news

Some sad news in the world of writing and magazines.

It’s not like people found out from any kind of announcement, I hadn’t seen an official announcement on the internet. The latest issue came out and in the editor’s message he broke the news that this magazine was the last and the publisher had decided to close the magazine. There is something on their website now letting people know.

There are two writing magazines where I live in the UK. Writers Magazine and Witers Forum. I was reading Facebook not long ago and came across a post from a member of the FB page for the magazine. It mentioned that the magazine was stopping. There were posts from other people saying that when they had tried to contact the magazine about competitions or subscription renewals they were either not getting answers or were getting vague replies. This all made sense when the secret got out.

I wasn’t a current subscriber but had been in the past and although not subscribing I would buy the magazine each month. It’s a real shame that the decline of print media has now taken a really good writing magazine from us. I looked forward to reading the articles and news in this monthly magazine and its engaging format.

I can at least take solace in still having one magazine to buy, hopefully, this one will continue. Especially because it is now the only one in the UK dedicated to writing.

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I am quite a techy person but reading is one thing that I like to stick to paper for. especially magazine reading. I have a big library and love to read physical books. Although I do have a Kindle as sometimes it’s just handy to have books at my fingertips in a small package. I don’t however read from tablets or screens as it’s just not comfortable for me. Print media all the way.

I hope it’s like vinyl in that it just keeps going, even if it’s not as popular.

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