Productivity and the Challenge

I watch some you-tubers and I have watched/read interviews with authors on how they are so productive. I have tried at home to be more productive but despite having no young kids anymore I can’t seem to get it to work for me, I can have a solid 4 hours in my office and manage to achieve nothing, I have literally spent a full day off with no family commitments and left to my own devices. I reach the end of that day and then berate myself as I have achieved nothing.

When looking at what some of the you-tubers say I am left wondering if I have the motivation or perseverance to do it. the main one seems to be “I don’t watch tv” and to be honest when I think of all the time I spend watching films or TV I can see where this would offer a lot more time to do something. But only if I don’t replace that with some other form of procrastination.

So, the plan is to speak to Trace later and put a plan in place. Maybe the month of August, no more TV for the month except for a specific agreed time with her prior to the start of the challenge, otherwise we would end up being passing ships in the house. I must also do the same for gaming, pick one night maybe when I can have a blast. Sunday evening seems to be the best time for my friends that I play COD with, and I then need to be strict with not giving in to play more.

So there we go, a basic plan to agree with others and in that time I would like to get my fantasy novel Gods Pawn to a finished first draft. This will then leave me ample time to plot out November’s Sci-Fi novel as this is growing in my mind and it’s getting harder to not pick this up. But then this is what I do, flitting from project to project while finishing nothing.

Wish me luck 🙂

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