In the US ISPs now have immunity from the “Wiretap Act”

The following information comes from the You Tube tech show Threat Wire, from the same people that bring you HAk5 a tech show.

It seems the government in the US has issued “2511” letters to ISPs that basically gives then immunity for charges under the “wiretap act”

As long as these companies are participating in the use of a new cybersecurity monitoring program they are covered, if they violate the wiretapping act they would have normally been prosecuted but now under this new system they are immune, I bet this makes you feel all the more safer that your information can be looked at by anyone without a warrant or any judicial process at all….. and you know that something that happens over the pond will sooner or later come to the UK, get ready to have everything you do on the internet spied upon. :O

This information was thanks to the Electronic Privacy Information Centre why used a FOI request to get the information.

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