Time to Breathe

It’s Saturday night and for a change I’m not rushed off my feet doing uni work. This is the first weekend in a while where I have nothing planned. I have spent the day sorting pc’s and laptops feels strange to not have looming deadlines. I still have loads to do of course to get…

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Winter Picture

Just outside the village where I live the town leisure centre sits, I went up there with my camera a week or so ago and took some pictures, this is one of them. Next the the Leisure Centre there is a farm and in the middle of the field there is an old rundown house,…

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1977 A year to rememeber

Good Morning all In 1977 two momentous events took place, they were as follows : NASA launched the Voyager 1 spacecraft, and it is currently the man made object furthest from the Earth. At the moment it is in the “magnetic Highway” which is at the very edge of our solar system, it reached this…

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